4241Preferred Climate Resilient Properties (PCRP) is the first group to marry multifamily investment’s proven cash flows and tax advantages with impact investment strategies aimed at making the world a better place.

On Balance, the Best, Most Resilient and Tax Advantaged of All Asset Classes:  Multifamily Properties

Multifamily projects of the kind favored by PCRP Group – large Class “B” and “C+” developments – form an important part of the North American housing economy. These safe, comfortable and affordable apartment buildings house the American middle-class and thier families, recent college graduates as well as downsizing seniors. For many reasons, these multifamily developments have provided the most resilient and stable returns of any investment vehicle, better than stocks, bonds, and other real estate asset classes.

The PCRP Team excels and finding, acquiring and managing these properties and helping our investment partners build wealth, prestige and peace of mind. To read our free Whitepaper, “PCRP’s Top Five Multifamily Investment Advantages,” click below.

The Double Bottom Line: Doing Well While Doing Good

Multifamily investing is the most consistent and reliable way to build wealth, accrue tax benefits and create monthly, tax-advantaged cash flow. No asset class – not stocks or bonds, tech startups or other real estate assets – weathers the inevitable ups and downs of the market as well. At PCRP Group, our strategy of selecting climate resilient markets provides an additional layer of investment security.

Risk Maps (left to right) for coastal damage, severe flooding, earthquakes

Source: NOAA, US Geological Survey

Whether you believe humans cause climate change or not, insurance companies, governments and others who can effect investment returns take it very seriously. That means growing markets outside these climate and natural disaster risk zones will benefit from lower costs, more inward migration and a future free of major storms, floods and earthquakes.