Managing Partner, Marketing and Macro Analysis

Michael is a well-known author, analyst, and impact/ESG investment strategist and a co-founder of PCRP Group with his wife Lori Santarelli. He has held senior executive positions at some of the world’s leading research media, financial services and consulting organizations. He has owned investment properties on several continents (Seattle, New York, London and Munich) and at PCRP Group leads our market analysis and sustainable value-add strategies, as well as investor relations.

As CEO of Transformative, and as a senior advisor working with clients in financial services, legal, media, tech and nonprofit sectors, Michael helps businesses shape strategic goals and messages, identify investment opportunities, assess risks and drive strategies toward successful outcomes.

He is also a Contributing Editor of Karma Impact, where he writes a weekly column on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) investment strategies, and is a Senior Advisor to Lynx Global Intelligence. He has held senior management positions at Control Risks, the global risk consultancy where he was a partner, at the investment bank Renaissance Capital, Roubini Global Economics, at the Council on Foreign Relations, and MSNBC.com. He draws on a long and award-winning career as a macro strategist, risk analyst, author, journalist, documentary producer and recognized digital media innovator. He also teaches a course in political risk at the Korbel School of International Affairs at Denver University. 

An experienced public speaker, university-level lecturer, and a noted analyst of global political and economic affairs who appears regularly on air and in the pages of major news and financial outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post, CNBC, the Financial Times, the BBC and other outlets.

Contact: mike@pcrpgroup.com

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