Preferred Climate Resilient Properties (PCRP) is the first investment syndication group in the United States to marry the proven cash flows, tax advantages and value propositions inherent in multifamily investing with modern impact investment strategies aimed at making the world a better place.

Whether you think its driven by man or not, our climate is changing, bringing “100 Year Floods” to some places every five years. The recent growth in “inland” cities – Denver, Atlanta, Boise and Indianapolis – is the result of many forces. But PCRP believes the increasing costs involved in purchasing, protecting, maintaining and especially insuring properties in “hot” coastal markets will only get worse, driven by the higher risks associated with owning property in places like Jacksonville, Fla.,  Houston, Charleston, S.C. and the New Jersey shore.

For many, doing good is good enough. At PCRP Group, our core insight takes this a step further: Doing good also improves the chances that your investment will bring the highest possible return. All investing involves a certain degree of risk,  multifamily properties in growing markets represent a proven way to create cash flow and tax advantages. But some of the most crowded, high priced markets in the United States have a hidden downside. They sit in regions prone to the bigger, more frequent storms, earthquakes and other potentially devasting natural events that can wipe out lives, buildings and the value of an investment portfolio in a single afternoon. That’s our double bottom line: doing well while we’re doing good.